What are the seat options available on the Buk Flights?

• You can select aisle or window seats at the time of check-out by clicking extras option under each passenger.

How do i select the exact seat i want ? 

• We are sorry for the inconvenience. The service you request is currently under development.
• But you can provide the ticket number to the airline counter at the time of check-in and reserve the seat you prefer. ( based on it's availability. )

What is the reference that I should provide to the respective airline in order for me to allocate any seats with them?

• Kindly provide the ticket number. Because you can also provide the airline booking reference number which is displayed as 5 or 6 characters on your ticket.
• But if it does not retrieve your booking then you should go with the ticket number which is displayed as 13 characters on your ticket.

What is the maximum number of seats per Booker?

• The maximum seat per Booker can book is 9 seats.

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