What can you change? 

• You can change the date or time (or both) of your travel; you cannot, however, change the names of the passengers and the sector(s) on which you’re already booked.
• Please note that airline changes are not allowed in case of amendments.
• However, you can cancel your existing reservation and re-book.
(Charges may apply)

Does any charges apply?

• Yes, but it depends on the airline ticket you have purchased.
• For more details, Please check the "Fare rules" option of the itinerary in your ticket. 

Can I add another passenger to my existing reservation?

• A new passenger can only be added by making a new booking. Please have the flight details of the original booking ready while making the new booking so that you can select the same flights.
• Please note that fares can change anytime, we cannot guarantee the availability of the original prices of booking on the same flight. 

What if there is an itinerary modifications by the Airline?

• Minor changes such as Flight time changes will not be informed or updated. Since the airlines doesn't update on the systems in most cases.
• If an airline makes a substantial change to your itinerary regarding flight departure and/or arrival time or service changes, such as no longer providing service to your destination, a customer service representative will make every effort to contact you.

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