Does all the Airlines travel to International Airports?

• No, but most of the airlines fly to international airports and it depends on the carrier.

Budget Airlines

• Budget airlines provides much cheaper price than non budget airlines but they compromise lots of amenities.
• Their only objective is to take a passenger from origin to destination.
• Passengers must pay additional fee for any add-ons compared to non budget airlines.

Can we filter out only the budget airlines?

• No, you cannot search only the budget airlines. Because we do not recommend such a practice on our website, whereas  non budget airlines might provide cheaper price than budget airlines.

Non-budget Airlines

• Non budget airlines are usually provided in higher price than budget airlines but they provide lots of amenities.
• There objectives also include to provide a better service for the passengers
• Passengers do not have to pay additional fees for most of the add-on's they provide.

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